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Let's Stay Focused

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Submitted by tim00visible on Tue, 07/17/2018 - 11:14

Hey all you people out there trying to stay focused so that you can get it all done.
There are great tools and techniques to help you stay focused. You can check a few out right here at
What do all the distractions and interruptions to your day really cost you? It's likely much more than you think.
Here are some examples:
Loss of FREE Time or time with family - as much as 10 hours per week
Loss of VACATION time - due to not getting all the work done or lack of funds - as much as 1 week or more per year
Loss of EXTRA MONEY - If you are in sales or self employed - as much as $35,000 to $75,000 per year
Loss of that PROMOTION - not getting that next job you always wanted
Loss of sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT - you've continued to put off that one thing you've always wanted to accomplish
Loss of EDUCATION - Just can't seem to find the time to finish that degree or get that MBA
So if you connect with one of these...think of the real cost of losing a few minutes every day due to the lack of a clear plan or
the fact that you have set your day up for interruptions and distractions that are costing you dearly.
Isn't it time that you take charge of your life? Don't you want more?
It's time. Go after it. If you need help or a guide along the way, let me know.

To Your Success!


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