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Frequently Asked Questions

You can invite new users to your plan by selecting the Users tab under the settings section in the upper right hand corner.  Click add new user.  You can invite individually or by pasting a comma delimited listing of user email address in a bulk invite.

Focus5 has several notification and reminder messages.  You will receive an email when someone sends you a message within Focus5.  You will receive notification around noon on Monday if you haven't entered any tasks for the current week.  You will receive a message around noon on Wednesday if you haven't completed any outstanding tasks by noon of that week.  Finally, you will receive a message at the end of the day on Friday notifying you of your progress completing tasks.

In settings you are able to update your profile, maintain your password, set preferences and select the appropriate time zone for messages.

Select the Users tab from the settings link in the upper right hand corner.  Choose add users near the top of the page.  It will show you how many users you have created and how many your plan includes.

If your employer supplied Focus5, it is their subscription.  You will not be able to access your old data.  You can purchase your own subscription at at any time.

Yes, since Focus5 is a Web App, it is available to all browser enabled devices.  It is compatible with current browsers but may not function as well with older versions.  If you experience issues, consider upgrading your browser version.  The application is also designed to function on your mobile device whether iPhone or Android.

Please provide a detailed description of your issue along with screen shots as an email to  We will do our best to promptly work with you on your issue.

Go to the subscriptions tab and select a new plan.  You will be billed the next cycle for the increased users.

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time by selecting cancel my subscription under settings.  You will no longer be billed for future periods. Refunds will not be issued for partial subscription months.

Go to the User Menu in the upper right corner and select a subscription from the drop down menu.  From this page you can modify your plan.  Your next invoice will automatically be changed to the new plan you have selected.

When your Free Trial expires, you will automatically be taken to the subscription section.  You will be asked to add payment information only at that time.  You can also change you plan at that time if you choose.  You can visit the settings tab at any time during your Free Trial and purchase your plan or update your plan to a new plan.

Tags are unlimited.  You can use as many as you wish.  You can add tags to your tasks for searching and sorting data.

Once you Tag a task, that Tag will auto fill once you start typing it.  By selecting that Tag, you will be able to ensure that the tasks are connected to the same tag.

Tags are words that you can associate with a task to sort and find it later.  For example, a task could be a Marketing activity.  By tagging that task with the word Marketing" you will be able to search marketing for any period of time to view all Marketing activities.  Tags also help you categorize your tasks and associate them with your Focus Sprints or Key Initiatives.

You can edit them any time that you choose.  Just click into the section and save after making changes.

Key Initiatives are short bursts of work that are key to helping you accomplish your goals or strategy.  You can use the Key Initiative section to plan out your goals or targets for the quarter for example.   Use Tags to link your tasks back to these Initiatives so that you can easily report on your progress for those Key Initiatives.

Yes, but only those people that you are connected with and have chosed to share their information with you.

Example of what other use reports for are as follows: 

  • Report on all completed tasks for you only or for you and any or all your connections.
  • Report on delayed tasks to determine what issues are causing delays.
  • Report on deleted tasks to see how often priorities are changing.
  • Report on direct reports completed tasks to conduct a better performance review.
  • Report on completed tasks by a specific tag that links back to your Focus Sprint to report your progress.
  • These are just a few examples of how reports can be used to help you manage your business.

Yes, simply give the report a name before running and a copy will automatically be saved.

Click the box to the left of the task name to mark the task complete.

Choose the individual (s) that you would like to run reports on from the reports tab.  Then select the appropriate date range and filters to return the data you are looking for.  To re-run this same report from time to time, give the report a name and save it.  Saved reports can be re-run at any time.  The report will produce in a web view.  Choose the export button at the bottom of the screen to export the file to Excel.

The graph on the left is results for your current week or any other period you choose.   You can compare this period to any other period to see when you are most and least productive based on when tasks have been marked complete.

There is currently no plan to delete tasks other than for cancelled subscribers.

We provide you with your weekly Focus Rating.  It is based on the percentage of tasks completed.  This rating is designed to help you stay focused from week to week on your priorities.  We also show you graphically by day when tasks are marked complete.  This allows you to see over time when you are more or less productive in your weekly or monthly cycle.

Messages are kept in the system until a purging process is required.   You will receive notification prior to any active user data being purged.

When you send a message from the Messages tab, it will only be visible by the recipient (Private).  When you view a connections tasks and send a message from the task screen, it will be visible to all parties who can view your connection partner’s tasks (Viewed by all connections).

Messaging allows you to communicate within Focus5 with only those you are connected with.  You can use it to provide constructive feedback, ask questions, and motivate and congratulate your team members.  It works just like text messages, but remains in Focus5.  Messages can be viewed in the recipient’s task view if sent from that view or within the messages tab as a more private message. 

No, only you as owner of your tasks can add, delete, modify or complete a Task.  Your connections can only view information

Click on the lock near the task name while in create or edit mode.  When the lock is open that task is viewable by your connection.  When it is closed, it is private and only you can view it.

Yes.  You can share both ways.  As owner of your data, it is your decision to share or not share your info.  Simply move the connection toggle switch to the right until it turns green to begin sharing.  Your connection will receive a message that you are now sharing your information.

Select the connections tab on the left hand navigation bar.  Find the user you are connected with and move the toggle switch to the left or off position.  When it is on, it will appear green.

First, select the connections tab in the left hand navigation.  Then click on the add new connection at the top of the connection screen.  Simply add their email address and invite them to connect.  If your connection is not a current Focus5 user, they will receive an email invitation.  They must first join Focus5 before they can connect and view your information.  If they are a current Focus5 user, they will receive an email invitation to connect with you.  They will then appear in pending invitations until they accept.

Connections allow you to connect with work partners, mentors, or bosses.  When connecting, you are choosing to share your information in Focus5 with your connection.  The value of connecting is as follows:  1.  Accountability for results will help to keep you focused.  2.  Connecting with team mates will help you keep your priorities and work efforts aligned.  3.  Connecting with Mentors allows them see what your plan and tasks are and help you focus even more.

Note that there are three tabs for tasks; To-do, Complete, and Cancelled or Delayed.  Once you check the box next to the task name it will be noted in the complete tab.

When a task is incomplete and the due today or the due date has passed, it will be shown in RED.  Otherwise it will appear in GREY.

By selecting the star when creating the task or when editing it you can note that particular task as a TOP PRIORITY.  It will move it to the top of your list.

By clicking the pencil icon next to the task name, you can modify all elements of a task, including name, description, due date, tags, etc.  If the task you are editing was due in a prior week, you will be creating a new copy of that task for your current week or any future date that you choose.

You can delete a task by selecting edit, then add a reason for deleting that task.  It will stay in Focus5 but show as a deleted task.

Add a task by clicking the Task link in the left hand navigation.  Once on the task page, click the + Add Task link at the top of the page.

On the login screen at click on the forgot password next to the login button.  You will receive a one-time link to your subscribed email that will open Focus5 but require you to reset your password.

Check your spam filter or clutter if you are on Office 365.  At times invitations with links will end up in spam or clutter filters.  If you can't find it there, add Focus5 to your safe senders list in your email then click resend invitation from your browser invitation message.  If you have already closed that session, send a note to requestion that your invitation email be resent.

The account name is a unique identifier for you in Focus5.  That name can be used only once and is unique to you.  For individuals we recommend that you use your first initial and last name.  If that combination is already taken, add additional letters or numbers behind your first initial to create a unique name.  For organizations, we recommend that you use your company name.  Account name is only used to associate people under the same group plan.