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Purpose Plus Passion is Unstoppable

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I just returned from a trip to Uganda with a few colleagues where we trained and assisted leadership in a couple hospitals in improving their teamwork, strategy and execution.  It was a fantastic trip and I believe we had a substantial impact while there.  

While in Uganda, I was able to visit a cousin and his family, who serve at a remote mission outpost.

After spending just a few short hours with them, I was reminded of the Power of Purpose.  

Jim and his family felt led to serve orphans and children of the area surrounding the small town of Mbira.  They care for 80 orphans, by providing housing, food, education, clothing, and medical care in partnership with their church family back in Tennessee. 

 About 6 years ago, Jim and his wife Michelle felt called to leave everything and take their family of 7 kids to serve those less fortunate in Uganda.  They partnered with a local pastor who had a vision of helping the most needy of his people.  

Together they have started an orphanage, school, clinic and church to serve the people around them.  They have dedicated their future to the unselfish purpose of serving others at the expense of the comforts of a good life in the USA.  

It is an amazing sacrifice to sell everything you own, leave your friends and extended family, forego every day necessities like fresh water at your fingertips and a warm shower, or air conditioning in the heat of the day. . . or facing the reality that you will need to take medication every day to fight off Malaria and other diseases that are not common for us - all for the purpose of serving those less fortunate.  

Not many of us could endure this for a few weeks, let alone for years.  Yet, after 5 years, they said to me, “We are in it for the long haul!”


It was during this visit that I was reminded how powerful the combination of Purpose and Passion can be.  

When combined, they can be used to overcome almost any obstacle.  When combined, they change the way we think about our circumstances, the work we need to do, and how hard we are willing to work in order to turn our dreams into reality.  

Combined, passion and purpose are an unstoppable force.  

Here are some of the things I was reminded of while spending time with Jim and Michelle:

1. Your purpose must be focused on others not on yourself.  

When you are focused on others, your purpose is unselfish.  When your motivations are focused on others needs, not your own, you you will go to much further lengths to achieve your goals than you will to satisfy your own needs.  Having a purpose greater than yourself is powerfully motivating.

The Focus5 Principle at work here:  Expand your focus frame.  Look at and experience life through the lens of another person to be able to see and understand a greater reality. 

Not only will you make better decisions……you’ll never be the same!


2. When you join others with a similar purpose, your motivation and resources are expanded even further.  

You will fuel each other with encouragement and support when you have reached the limits of your capabilities, the end of your patience, or exhausted your resources.  You will have greater motivation to triumph.

The Focus5 Principle at work here:  Accountability will motivate you

Going it alone is a tough road.  When you join others you are much more likely to succeed. 

Overcoming your own shortcomings is often one of the most difficult parts of the journey. 

Doing it with others helps you do that.

3. You will be more willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.  

It will be necessary to develop skills you never thought you would need.  

Learning to be creative and leverage your own ingenuity will be necessary for survival.  

You will be willing to make unheard of sacrifices in order to see your goals and purpose through.  You will be in a constant state of learning and acquiring knowledge and skills.

The Focus5 Principle at work here:  Life-long learning is part of the journey for people dedicated to success and making a difference. 

What you know today will not likely be enough to get you where you will need to go tomorrow.

4. Facing obstacles is part of your daily routine.

Inner strength and dependence on your purpose keep you motivated and moving forward when others give up.  

Obstacles may slow you down but they won’t stop you from making progress.

The Focus5 Principle at work here:  The road to success is not easy.  It is filled with obstacles. 

You need to be ready to deal with them and take them in stride. 

Don’t let an obstacle here or there disappoint you, or even worse, cause you to throw in the towel.  

When you find that sort of purpose and passion for your vocation, mission, or career you become a force to be reckoned with.

Uganda Grace School Students with Jim Telman

So what is your purpose?  

How are you helping others?  

Is your purpose unselfish?  

How passionate about it are you?  

Are you willing to sacrifice the comforts of life to achieve your purpose?  

If you haven’t discovered yours yet, isn’t time you do? 

Your life and your business are not what they can be if you haven’t identified your purpose in helping others.  

Take that step today and you will be making real Visible Progress!

A bit more on Jim and his family.  

They are serving 80 orphans and have a total of 300 kids in their school.  They are also starting a center to care for infant orphans.  

You can learn more about them and the impact they are making in Uganda at  

If you want to make a difference in the lives of kids and orphans in Uganda you can sponsor a child, sponsor a project or provide a one-time gift to encourage them for their journey.  

It’s one small step we can all make that will change a life. 

You can read more about different projects where you can partner with Jim and his family here.



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