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Getting your mind clear with passion and purpose

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It's difficult to maintain focus and clarity of mind without knowing your passion and purpose.

Once you know your passion and purpose, it is much easier to get clarity of mind and apply strategies and tactics so you can perform with excellence.

Prioritizing your day and work will help you operate with a clear set of objectives and a clear mind.

The greater your mental clarity is, the more your focus on one thing at a time will pay off.

When your mind is clear and your focus sharp, your work will be superior.

Distraction and lack of focus destroys this ability.

Here are 5 tips for achieving mental clarity:

1. Start your week, every week, with a game plan. Plans provide direction and focus. Having a game plan will get you started moving in the right direction.

2.Prioritize your activities by the value of their impact. Decide how you are going to determine what is most important and use that method consistently. Having a consistent method is the key.

3.Track your progress in completing tasks on a daily basis. Seeing what you have achieved and what you didn’t will help you evaluate what is getting in your way and allow you to make the needed changes to accomplish your priorities.

4.Begin each day by looking at your priorities and reprioritize them as needed so that you are accounting for new, important things that have arisen. Your priorities need to align with reality.

5.Get a coach to help you eliminate the clutter and distractions that surround you. Both will significantly impede your progress in achieving your priorities. When you can focus on one thing at a time with clarity of purpose, passion for results, and commitment to quality, you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving.

As you take these steps, your purpose, direction, and steps needed to achieve extraordinary results will become clear. As your clarity improves, so will the quality of your work and the pace at which you get things done.

Take these 5 simple steps to regain control of your time and your life.

Live each day with Purpose and Passion.

Focus Fixes are designed to help you get your day, your week, your career and your life back and on track with what matters most to you. While each Focus Fix, by itself, is a very simple step, when you apply each of them, they will become powerful tools that will help you take charge of your journey. Let me know how they have impacted you and share your tips with me so together we can help others make the most of their own adventure!


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