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Get a jump start on your day

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Submitted by tim00visible on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 14:24

Get a head-start on your day!


Some say the early bird gets the worm.

Others say the early worm is for the birds.

Which one are you?

Success is not really rocket-science, and the most successful people are not always the most brilliant, but they usually are the most disciplined and diligent.

You can be more successful by doing a few simple things.

Try this:  Simply start your day before others start arriving at work.

When you do, you will get more done in the first hour of your day than you thought possible.

Because you have a plan for your day and you are distraction free while others are just getting organized, you will have a great start on your priority work before others even start their day.

You’ll feel especially good being ahead of your plan and it will keep you motivated to stay there.

When you start your day more productive, it is easier to keep that rhythm of productivity going.

The longer you stay there, the more Visible Progress you will make.

You may be able to even go home a few minutes early because you are ahead of plan.

Surprise the family by being fully present and undistracted from them too, as you make them your priority as well.

Focus Fixes are designed to help you get your day, your week, your year, your career, your life, back on matter most to you. While by themselves each is a very simple step, combined and applied over time, they will become powerful tools that will help you take charge of your journey. Let me know how they have impacted you and share your tips with me so together we can help others make the most of their own adventure!




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When I start my day early, I simply get more done. I also am more energized throughout the day. When you get your day started right, the days go better. Whey my days are better, life is better, and my attitude is better. Funny how that works!

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Nice tip Tim. I have noticed that when I do this sometimes, I have more peace in the morning and less distractions, but also feel more energized and feel like I get a lot more done before lunch. Also, it seems that my thinking is clearer in the morning too. A good night's sleep makes this possible.

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Thanks Aaron. A good nights rest and an early start puts you ahead of most. I have often found mornings to be the best undistracted time. Time to get real work done....not email!

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